Monday, May 14, 2012

2012-2013 APEX Schedules

Options will have a new name next year as it is being taken in by our local school district.  So, now the once a week public school for the homeschooled will be called APEX.  In any case, I just sent in the girl's schedules for next year, so here they are.  Should be fun.

Sierra (5th grade)
1- World Percussion
2- Musical Theatre
3- Musical Theatre
5- Spanish A/B (with Bailey)
6- Mythology
7- Art (with Bailey)

Bailey (2nd Grade)
1- Science 1
2- Passport to the World
3- Keyboard 2 (or PE if she can't do piano)
5- Spanish A/B (with Sierra)
6- Intro to Musical Theatre
7- Art (with Sierra)

Blake of course will be in the Kindergarden program which is set by the teacher

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Amy said...

You are such a placer, that is awesome.