Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Schedule, So Far

Here's what our days look like so far this year (including what we plan on adding when Options starts):

Options from 8:15-3:15
Sierra: PE, Drama, Science, Computer Skills, Piano, and Art
Bailey: K program combining Science, Art, Reading, Math, PE, etc.

Tuesday-Friday Mornings:
starting around 9am and going from one subject to another until complete, usually in this order
Sierra: Cleaning, Piano, Math, Handwriting, Dictation, Spelling, Grammar, Computer Work
Bailey: Cleaning, Math, Handwriting, Spelling, Copy Work, Reading

Tuesday Afternoon:
Together: Latin
Sierra: 30 minutes reading

Wednesday Afternoon:
Together: Latin and History
Sierra: 30 minutes reading

Thursday Afternoon:
Together: Latin and Science
Sierra: 30 minutes reading

Friday Afternoon:
Homeschool Playgroup

Boulder County Fair

A day to remember. The kids got all day passes on the rides, and were loving it. We did see the animals, art exhibits, equestrian competitions, and such, but the rides are what the kids loved most. No surprises there.

Believe it or not, Sierra actually went on this ride and loved it!

Bailey was too short to go on the older kids rides. She was so bummed. She still had fun anyway.

Blake was scared and practically cried the first time he went on the pirate ship. He got over it though and it became his favorite.

Daddy had fun too.

Sierra got to go on a lot of the older kid rides with one of her friends. They had a lot of fun together.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to Normal-FINALY!

We started school this week.

It's really nice to have a semblance of routine to our days again. I didn't realize before how much I appreciated that. Really.

These last few weeks have been listless blahs. Cleaning, shopping, cooking-they all went haphazard. Oh, there were fun days too, like when we went to the fair, but most of it was spent sitting around being very unproductive. Reading binges, anime binges, playing at the pool. . .it all gets boring after a while.

Don't get me wrong. Vacation is very nice. I've just realized that there can be too much of it too.

I'm thinking next summer we'll only take one month off. Two, while nice, was way to long.